Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 39 - The Crabs Have Arrived!

Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend.  It's a perfect morning to do a little crabbing with the kids.  I spent some time last weekend re-baiting the crab trot line with about 60+ new pieces of chicken wings.  After seeing a few crabs last week and catching that one delicious soft shell crab last Tuesday - I figured it was time to throw out the trot line and see what's out there.
Unfortunately it was dead low tide when we started at about 8:30 in the morning.  It was me (the driver), Jamie (spotter), Ty (netter), Gavin (counter).  It took a while to get the line out and get things going.  Although it was not fast and furious, we managed to catch 17 respectable crabs in a couple hours.  There were lots of egg bearing females that we had to throw back but most of the males we caught were very nice sized.  These crabs will make a fine final meal for the SDC 2012.
I went through the garden when we go home and picked the remaining swiss chard that was still good.  While I was steaming the crabs, I also steamed up some of the chard and ate a whole plate full of that.  It was really good and I have been neglecting my greens a bit over the past few days.  There is a lot of romaine lettuce in the garden now - ready to eat.  I think I'll wait until I can make a nice dressing for it on Monday.  I've had a few plain salads over the past week and it's starting to lose its appeal.  Is it really a salad - or is it a bowl full of lettuce leaves?  Whatever.
After steaming the crabs, I cleaned them all up and threw the shells back into the river.  I have a full bowl of steamed crabs, several pieces of fluke and a bunch of lettuce - no problem with quality meals to the finish line.  It would be nice to have a big double scoop of chocolate ice cream with marshmallows though.  Well, a couple more days and that will be ok too.
We are going down to Lavallette on Sunday and that is Day 40.  I didn't plan this schedule very well.  Day 40 was supposed to be on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend!  I incorrectly counted backwards when I chose the starting date a few months ago.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  My Dad is going to be slightly disappointed because he is planning on cooking a roast of some sort.  He'll get over it - and I'll try to stay true to the end.

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