Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 18 - Fantastic Fluking

Saturday was the official opening day of Fluke season and I went out with Pat and Nick in the morning. Left dock at 6. Back home in my driveway by 9. Couldn't ask for a better morning tide for opening day. Only 3 shorts thrown back that were right at 17". The three of us were happy to take home 12 keepers - ALL over 20 inches! Biggest went 26 inches and fat. While the crowd of boats around us were pulling shorts and robins, we were getting three at a time big boys. It must be my special secret fluke rig. When the weather got chilly we were happy to head back to the barn after only a couple (very productive) hours fishing.

Fluke on May 5th - fantastic!
 These fish are on ice and are going to be delicious for over a week I'm sure.  It's so amazing to be able to catch fish like this only 5 minutes from home base.  I just hope this fishery lasts for a few more weeks and into the summer - just in time for the crabs to arrive!  No wonder I'm not losing any more weight on this diet.

Broiled Fluke for Dinner

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