Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 24 - The Headache (20 Days late)

It's Friday - nice to have the weekend coming up.  I am trying to plan a fishing excursion in the afternoon on Saturday with Dad and the kids if they are interested in coming along.  Today I am starting to accumulate some BIG killies for bait to be used with my special secret fluke fishing rigs.  So every time I drive home from work or to work or past the boat ramp area i have been checking my trap and if there are any large killies in it I put them into a holding bucket.  I already have a lot of big ones so it should be good enough for fishing tomorrow.  I should get some more tomorrow as well.

I finished the last of my fish supply today.  It was very good but now it's gone and I will try again tomorrow.  Until then, I will start eating some of the lettuces that have been coming up in the garden.  There are also lots of strawberries that are starting to pop up and should be turning red into next week - hopefully.  And hopefully Jamie doesn't go picking and eating all of them before I get any!

At lunchtime today I took Linda to DnD for a coffee and she came out with a box of Munchkins.  Uhgh! I tried to be good but once again those friggin' chocolate Munchkins did me in.  They have a power over me that I can not explain - nor do I understand.  So. . . yes, I was bad. . . again.  But here's my punishment - I suffered with a headache from HELL all night long and into the wee hours of the morning.  It was horrible.  Hopefully it was horrible enough to prevent such relapses in judgement in the future. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again - the hardest part about a 'suburban' Survivor Diet Challenge is the fact that food of all shapes, sizes, smells and tastes is available all the time - everywhere you go.  You can't escape it so the real challenge is the challenge of will power.  I'm pretty good - but not quite perfect.  I do think it would help if some other people decided to do this challenge along with me - but I've tried to enlist people in the past and this year I just don't give a crap.

Put me on a deserted island in the tropics and I'd probably do fine.  I'd love to see a season of Survivor called Survivor - Dunkin Donuts.  16 people trapped in a DnD and unable to eat the donuts!  Who will win?  Not me.

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