Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 15 - Flukey Morning

Day off today but the weather is still crap.  Dreary, overcast, drizzly.  Yuck.  I decided to take the boat out for a spin to scout out the local waters and maybe scare up a few bluefish or even better a bass.  It was cold out there again.  Wouldn't you know it, as I was jigging for bluefish in the main channel I hooked into a nice sized fluke.  And then another.  And another.  After about an hour I had no bluefish but I was having a ball because I managed to find a nice hole that produced 5 respectable sized fluke - all about 18 inches long.  Now fluke season doesn't officially open for 3 more days
but it was a really good scouting trip and now that I know they are there it will be very exciting to go again on Saturday morning.  If it's nice out maybe the kids will join me.

I didn't spend too much time on the water because my toes started losing feeling.  After coming home I cleaned up the boat and decided to go have a look in the Little Silver forest to search for some elusive morels.  Well, elusive is most certainly the operative word here.  Not only did I not find any but it felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack.  Everything started looking the same after a while.  It was also drippy and rainy so I didn't last very long.  I thing I either need more patients for such a search or maybe I need someone to show me what the heck to look for.  If there are any mentoring mushroomers out there interested in helping me out - drop me a line.  Thanks.
the forest floor - mesmerizing
 Today some of my beekeeping supplies arrived in the mail. Still waiting for the call from the Post Office about the bees arrival.  And I've also decided to buy a pre-made hive - at least for my first one.  I want to see what it looks like and then I will be able to copy that model if this is something that I really get into.  After reading more and more about it I am starting to get blown away by the importance and significance that bees have to the environment and to the actual survival of mankind.  It's really interesting stuff and it dates back thousands of years.  This is really going to be a cool thing for me and also for the kids to learn about.  Once again - the Survivor Diet Challenge is opening new doors to new and exciting things.  It certainly doesn't disappoint.

Fish, rice, beans

steamed greens

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