Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 23 - Time to Ration

I picked up my loaf of bread reward today at Sickles Market in Little Silver.  I immediately had a piece and it was oh so good.  This will be a good reward for a variety of reasons.  First, while fresh, I can eat some slices with butter and salt for breakfast or maybe have a fish sandwich for lunch - that's a good idea.  Later, as it starts to get a little stale I can make bread crumbs out of it and also use it for bait for my killie trap.  One loaf should last a while I would think.  We'll see.
I am running dangerously low on fluke fillets now so I will try to eat that sparingly until I have an opportunity to catch some more.  This Saturday looks good so I will try to stretch my remaining 3 pieces to last until then.  I had a section of a piece for lunch today.  I think I have mastered the broiled fluke recipe.  It tastes so good with a very minimal amount of seasoning and preparation.
I drank lots of water today and for dinner I was not terribly hungry so I just picked on some nori sheets and saved my remaining fish for the rest of the week.

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