Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 22 - Wicked Weather

Day off today but guess what - wind and rain ALL DAY LONG.  No chance to replenish my dwindling fish supply.  I am running low but it is so good that I can't stop eating it.  I polished off the very last bit of smoked bluefish today and for dinner I had a pile of greens that I steamed from the garden - swiss chard, kale, and collard greens all mixed together.
Today is reward day and after three weeks of surviving my reward is a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.  I enjoyed an egg for breakfast and I plan on getting my bread as soon as I'm able.  I have a big loaf in mind from Sickles Market.  I tried to get one in the evening today but they were all sold out.  Instead, I went to the garden area and purchased 2 fig tree plants.  I love figs and I will plant them in the back yard by the bee hive. Hopefully we will get some figs this summer but the first couple seasons with any fruit tree are just to get them going.
I stayed inside most of the day with Debbie healing from her knee surgery.  We watched a couple documentaries about bees - VERY interesting stuff!  I checked out the hive a couple times today and darned if those little buggers aren't constantly busy.  They are all clumped up on the inner roof of the hive and with my little viewing window I can now see the queen cage inside - still not sure if the queen is alive and well.  What a mystery.  Only time will tell.  Crossing my fingers that everything is ok.  Regarding the dead bees - the other workers do a fine job cleaning up the hive and pulling out the little dead bodies.  It's pretty amazing.  And I feel pretty good about it.

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