Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 5 DP - You're not going to believe what I caught

You're not going to believe what I caught.  I caught a cold and a sore throat from my kids!  Sheesh.  Not feeling all that good on day 5 - but not feeling all that bad either.  I had my clam breakfast (same as yesterday) and brought some rice and beans into work.
For those who didn't realize it, there are two of us posting to this blog.  I have added my DP initials to the titles on my posts after the day number so the readers don't get confused.
I was asked an interesting question today about the Survivor Diet. 
Someone asked me if I could trade or barter some of the clams that I caught or any fish for either money or other food items.  I seem to have a slight recollection of this subject coming up last year and I don't know if it was ever fully addressed.  I think it's a very interesting concept.  I will do some searching from last year to see what I can find.  Personally, I like the idea because it draws up images in my head of the early American pioneers and how they had to survive by trading goods and services.  The part that is questionable to me has to do with the ability to really survive in a situation similar to the show Survivor where you a stranded on a deserted island.  I think the only fair solution would be to allow trading and bartering - but only between the other people that are also in the Challenge.  There are only two of us now - but if/when this concept expands and becomes more popular I will include this idea in the Official Guidelines.   If anyone reading this has an opinion or another idea about this trading system for food or goods, please leave a comment to let me know.

I went home for a quick raw clam lunch (I'm really stretching these 24 clams) with some greens and purple flowers picked from the back yard.  Then it was back to work.  A patient brought in a box of Munchkins as a little gift/treat for me and the staff.  They smelled sooooo yummy.  I stuck my nose close to them a few times for a whiff. 
After work I had planned to try for some trout in a pond nearby because I had read that it was supposed to be re-stocked with trout today.  It was pretty darn cold out.  I lasted for about an hour but not a single bite.  Reminds me again of last year - the ever elusive trout have been able to avoid my Survivor Diet like the plague.  After catching 2 a few days before the challenge started, I haven't had a nibble since.  Rejected, I went home to a table full of delicious smelling chicken and veggies and proceeded to make a two-clam soup with rice.  I still haven't gone to the ocean so I still don't have any salt.  Luckily, the clams natural juices are a salty brine and it adds just enough flavor.
I haven't really been terribly hungry at all so far.  My body is probably still working off all of the fat reserves that I've been accumulating over the past few months.  This silly little cold is going to make me miserable though - I just hope it runs its course and is gone very soon.  I'm going to try to drown it with water.

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

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