Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evening 4

Well, in my modified version of this adventure, I pan fried some frozen flounder today, and if was delicious. I am feeling really good, no headache at all. I think just eliminating all of the prepared foods has been really making me feel different. I usually eat only healthy prepared foods, and usually they are gluten free as well, but none the less- they are not food that I would be able to "find" growing. I am referring to all of the lentil chips, millet flax chips, olive-multigrain chips etc. hummus, even yogurt. I love all of them so much- but do I really "need" them- obviously not. Eating for pleasure is out of my life for the duration of this experiment- and it changes EVERYTHING! I am really looking at this as a lifestyle change, and I am surprisingly comfortable with it. I will eat a small portion of my oats tomorrow morning, as I have to go to the gym for medicine ball class. This class is tough and if I do not have enough carbs before it i will pass out. Other than that, I will eat my baby lettuce and perhaps some more fish. I am off all next week and plan to attempt to catch some fish- as my first attempt did not work in my favor. I think the trout have all been caught in Mac's Pond. Signing off, shelly.

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