Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 7 DP - Perseverance pays off

Happy Easter everyone!  Boy could I go for a hard boiled egg right now.  Oh look, there are 4 dozen of them on my breakfast table.  Maybe next year I can raise a couple of chickens so I have some eggs for this challenge.  Don't think I haven't thought of that yet.  It was actually suggested by a few people so I will keep that in mind for next time.
Do you think this article was directed towards me?
 The kids had their egg hunt this morning, collected a bunch of candy filled plastic eggs and proceeded to eat gummy worms for breakfast.  I had to get outta there.  It was about 7:45 and guess what folks - the weather finally broke!  Sunshine and warmth - what a great start for the day.  I debated whether to go to the pond to try for trout, AGAIN, or to check out the ocean to see if any striped bass would cooperate.  It was basically a coin flip and the pond in Red Bank won - I would give this place one more chance before giving up on it for good.

I arrived at about 8:00 and was happy to see that there were several other fishermen there.  I brought 2 poles with me and set up one for power bait on the bottom and the other for worms and a bobber on top.  I tossed out the power bait rod and propped it up against some rocks and then started baiting the worm rod.  Before I even got the worm on the hook, I looked over to the other rod and the tip was dancing all over the place - a fish had bit almost instantly!  That bait had JUST hit the water and BAM! a fish was on.  I couldn't believe it.  It is very rare for this to happen.  Within 2 minutes of arriving at this pond I had already landed my first rainbow trout.  Score!
I continued fishing using all of the same tactics that I had been using on the previous visits.  Only this time everything was working.  I got several bites shortly after that first fish.  I missed about 4 fish and then caught another one, and another one.  It wasn't non-stop action but it was as good as I could have hoped.  In about 2 hours I managed to land 6 very respectable rainbow trout.  Amazing.  Finally I got some payoff for my trout fishing efforts.  This will provide substantial meals for the next few days.  I was very happy about this achievement after a long first week struggling to try to catch some fish.
My stringer is full
I cleaned all of my trout when I got home and packaged one of them up to take with me to my aunt's house for Easter Brunch #2.  I had to cook it plain (should have tried broiling it) but tomorrow I will have a pound of butter waiting form me as my first reward.  That butter is really going to make the trout taste better.  Looking forward to that.
Food for the upcoming week
 I did a 'phone in' radio show today at noon from a mobile phone in the car.  It came out sounding pretty clear and it's pretty cool that it can be done like that.  I gave a recap of the whole first week.  After listening to it later I found that it was somewhat boring.  I think what it needs is a co-host.  Listening to one person ramble on and on about things without any other interaction is not very entertaining.  I'm going to work on that for next week.

"Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm."

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