Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 14 - Busy as a Bee

Sunday today - lots to do and lots to prepare for the upcoming work week.  Today started with a plan to play a couple games of softball in the morning, drive to Cranbury (about an hour away) to pick up the bees in the afternoon and fishing with Dad later in the day.  Somewhere in the middle I would have to find some time to cook some fish to eat. 

Most of the day went just as planned.  I have a decent amount of smoked bass left so I periodically pick on that.  I am relying on that a little too much though.  I have not had the will power to ration that fish and I fear that it will all be gone soon.  I do have a few bluefish ready to be cleaned so I will try to replenish my smoked fish supply soon.

I picked up two packages of bees and loaded up both of my backyard hives.  I filmed the process and all went well.  I identified the queen bee for both hives and I am optimistic that they will all thrive in their new homes.  I will have to check them next week and make sure they are doing well and I may have to feed them with a sugar water syrup until they can become self sufficient.  Barring another natural disaster, I hope I am able to be the best bee guardian I can be.

While waiting for Dad and Jamie to return from Carly's soccer game, I decided to use the time to fillet the three bluefish that were in the refrigerator.  A couple kids form down the street helped me out and were very curious about the dead fish.  I did a quick fillet and then put the cleaned pieces back in the refrigerator to process later for smoking.

We took the boat out into the Shrewsbury River and after a quick 5 minute ride to the spot we were catching bluefish right away!  It was a treat to finally catch some fish with some reliability.  So what if they weren't bass.  The bluefish are very fun to catch and my plan is to smoke them because I am not particularly fond of the taste otherwise.  We kept four and ended up throwing back another 8 or so.  Four fish would be plenty for the next few days.  We basically had nonstop action for about an hour and a half and then decided to go home before it got too dark and too cold.  It was a lot of fun and such a huge difference from the days of fishing last week when i fished for hours on end without a single bite.

It was a long, busy day and I didn't do anything today to prove my primitive skills proficient so I am not going to get my weekly reward tomorrow.  I'm OK with that right now but I will be determined to catch a squirrel or bunny tomorrow or else I will resort to fire making again.

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