Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 33 - Friday at work

It's Friday today at work and Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  I used to end the SDC on this Friday but I pushed it back a week in order to have more food options available to me.  The weather outlook for the weekend is not so good - lots of rain and wind, wind, wind.  My most hated weather is wind.  It prevents me from doing just about everything I love to do outdoors.

I have plans to try some crabbing out this weekend, maybe some fluke fishing, maybe some spearfishing - but all of that is going to be on hold until the weather improves.  Maybe there will be some windows of opportunity that I can venture out and find some food.  Otherwise it is plain salads for me.  The asparagus are jsut about done growning but the lettuce is thriving right now in the garden.

Working all day helps the time go by.  Especially when it is busy.  I wish I had more to say about this day but I don't.  Fluke and rice and water and greens.

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