Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 18 - Where there's [no] smoke. . .

Another dreaded Thursday means a long day at work followed by physical therapy after work.  This translates to not a very survivor like day.  I have to be prepared on days like these so that I have enough to eat throughout the day.

The good news is that my rice rations seem to be on track, my seasoning mix is holding up well, I still have asparagus coming up every day in the garden with lettuce on its way, I have about 10 clams in reserve in the refrigerator, I have a bag full of bluefish smoked jerky, some eggs left and plenty of butter - things are looking pretty good.

I have been cooking a form of seasoned fried rice with asparagus a lot lately.  I have found that by broiling or heavily cooking the already cooked rice gives it a nice crispiness and toasty flavor.  Add a little butter, some asparagus and scramble in an egg and you're golden.  I could live off this for a few days easy.

Tried like hell tonight to make a fire (again) but I'm just not feeling it anymore.  I couldn't even get smoke tonight and I got exhausted very quickly.  If I could just get that ember I would be able to enjoy week 2 rewards.  After many attempts, I ended the night as a failure.  Gotta keep moving forward.

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