Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 35 - I'm Getting a Little Crabby!

I had a plan today to go out and catch a bunch of crabs - the first of the season.  After getting the trot line all cleaned and baited yesterday, I was excited at the prospect of fluke stuffed with crab meat for dinner.  It was WINDY today.  I mean REALLY WINDY.  I managed to find a spot that was reasonably protected and laid out the trot line - 800 feet and 60+ baits. 

My first pass checking the line turned up empty!  First time that has ever happened!  I couldn't believe it.  No crabs at all.  Not yet anyway.  I thought I should let the line sit and get the scent out for a while before checking again.  I looked inside my livewell and sitting in a puddle of water (for the past 4 days) was one single live killie.  Just sitting there.  I thought to myself, hmm. . . Let's go put him on the line in the fluke channel and see if I can scare up a fluke.  Well, 10 minutes later with my one bait I landed a nice 21 inch fluke.  Bonus!  Especially after having my second kille trap stolen from the boat ramp yesterday.

The wind was blowing so much in the channel that one fish was perfectly fine and then I was outta there.  I ran back to my trot line and did another pass - nothing!  Blanked! Zippo!  I wasn't going to sit there and wait any longer so I quickly packed up my gear and headed back home.  Thank goodness for the fluke - made the trip worth it.  I think the crabs will need some warmer weather before they start to come out and feed.  I will try further out in the main channel the next nice day.

So, no crabs for me today - still working on fluke, fluke, fluke.  It is delicious though - so I don't mind that at all.  I am dangerously low on my butter supple and I am out of eggs and have just a pittance of flour left.  Supplies are low but I am due a couple weekly rewards - just have to do a couple primitive survival skills!  The rain and wind lately have made fire making impossible and my traps have been empty.  The next time the sun comes out I will try a mini-magnifying glass fire.  I now, it's a little bit on the not so primitive side - but I've never done it before and I want to give it a try.

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