Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 31 - Busy Wednesday

I started today off with some early morning fluke fishing with Dad.  We met up at 6 am and were fishing by 6:20.  It didn't take long at all to get some action.  We spent about 2 hours fishing and ended up with 6 nice keeper size fluke up to 22.5 inches.  We threw back just as many that were right at the 17 inch mark.  There were a few bluefish around as well but they mostly bit our hooks off with their teeth.  We were hoping for some weakfish but that never happened.  I brought with me some water and a few pieces of fried bass that I cooked yesterday using up all of the breadcrumbs that I have been accumulating.  Eating cold fish while fishing is really good.  The fog and chill rolled in and we got out of there before it became too uncomfortable.  Not bad at all for the amount of time spent on the water.  I kept 4 fish and a blue crab that we accidentally caught and put them in a cooler in the garage refrigerator - will have to clean them tomorrow. 

It was time to check the bee hives today so I mixed up a sugar water syrup (that's what they eat when the honey is scarce and while they're building the hive and comb).  Without getting dressed up in my protective outfit, I calmly opened the hives and removed the empty food cans and inserted new ones.  This should be all they need for the remainder of the summer and possibly forever once they start making their own food.  This was just a jump start for them if they need it.  In general, both hives looked really good.  About 6 rows of comb in each and a lot of bee activity.  They were both invaded by ants on the outside of the hives but I don't think this is going to be a problem.  We'll see.  Lots of ant eggs.  I plan on leaving the hives untouched for a while now and the next time I check them I will suit up and look for the queens.

I had a meeting with an architect in the mid afternoon followed by a tennis lesson with Ty.  We both got some exercise and I followed that up with a tennis match against Debbie.  Lots of running around.

As far as food, I vacuum packed and sealed all of those delicious fluke fillets and then froze them for after the Survivor Diet.  I sliced up the last of my supply of striped bass and made some blackened bass cubes for a sandwich at work tomorrow.  Today I picked on some mixed salad greens and cooked up that blue crab.  That was a nice little treat for sure.  first crab of the season.

I am on the very last bit of my butter supply.  I have just enough flour to make one more loaf of bread.  I still have plenty of rice because I haven't had to make any in  a while.  In the evening, I mixed up the last of the flour with some water and yeast and let it rise overnight.  My plan is to bake some bread tomorrow at work and then use the bread to make another nice fish sandwich.  Can't wait for that.

9 days to go and I have plenty of fish, lots of garden greens, a few asparagus, rice, nori sheets, soy, wasabi - I really didn't use much of my sushi making supplies this Survivor Diet.  I just never had the need to.  I have been getting criticized by other people about the bag of flour being used as one of my rewards.  For me, this has been awesome.  I learned how to make artisan bread from a book and a tv show and the bread loaves have been nothing short of outstanding.  Hmm.  We'll have to re-think this reward for the next time.

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