Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 16 - Boat in for Repairs

This Tuesday morning I brought the boat in for a long overdue checkup.  It will be in the shop for at least a week.  I tried to plan this for the start of fluke season which is on the 18th.  That means about 7-10 days without a boat.  That could mean my fishing will be affected or it could mean I will get creative in finding another way to catch fish or get some other food.  So instead of looking at this as a disaster, I will look at it as an opportunity.

I had a small piece of striped bass (only one more small piece left now) for breakfast along with two delicious fried eggs.  As I was cleaning up to go to work, I saw a burnt end piece of raisin toast in the garbage.  I contemplated leaving it be but what a waste - I grabbed it and ate it and it was awesome!  I have no regrets and don't feel like I cheated by doing this - it was more like scavenging.  It was either me, or the landfill.

I have left the garden alone for a few day and when I went out there this morning there were asparagus abound.  I actually had to harvest several of them so that they don't begin to flower.  That will make for a tasty lunch today at work - broiled asparagus in butter.  Looking forward to that.

I am still exhausted today after my strenuous fire making attempts last night.  Later tonight I will try again while I smoke some bluefish pieces.

I'm off from work tomorrow - looks like rain in the forecast.  I have many things to try tomorrow - should be interesting.

Hey folks - I actually gained some weight this morning!  That means my body is starting to regulate.  I am about 187 right now and my end of diet goal is about 170-174ish. 

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