Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 38 - Doctor Visit - No Crabs

This morning I had my 'end of Survivor Diet' doctor visit.  The primary purpose was to follow up on my high levels of cholesterol and to figure out a plan to lower the LDL and Triglycerides.  Even after explaining that I have been on a serious diet and exercise routing with nutritional counseling, my doctor immediately went the route of suggesting I take a pretty extreme cholesterol lowering medication.  I told her that I would at least like to see, by means of a follow up blood test, how much my cholesterol has changed as a result of my recent routine.  She hesitantly agreed with my plea and gave me another prescription for blood work.  She also suggested I take a fish oil pill to help with the cholesterol and gave me a few boxes of samples to start.

I was just humoring her by asking many questions about medication and the duration that I would have to take it - but in reality, there's no way in hell I am taking medication for this - two pills a day for the rest of my life.  Yeah right!  It really makes you wonder about today's medical professional community and the influences that the drug companies have over them.  My doctor was SO quick to suggest drugs WAY before even considering a dietary change or exercise regimen.  She even went as far as to say that diet and exercise may reduce my levels by as much as 20 percent but I need at least a 50% drop so medication is going to be the only way.  And also added that it is not my fault and that my condition is most likely due to genetics and heredity.  I will agree with some of that but I would really like to prove everyone wrong about the diet and exercise - I am going to do my follow up blood test in two days.  The results of that should be interesting.

After leaving the doctor's office I had the rest of this beautiful day to myself and I decided to go do some crabbing and fishing - what a surprise huh?  I grabbed some live killies from Pat's house and then I packed up the boat and was on the water by 10:30

Looking at my previous year's Survivor Diet notes, I had a significant number of crabs already by this date.  Makes me wonder how much that super storm this past October affected the crab life cycle.  In any event, there will be no fluke stuffed with crab meat on the menu anytime soon.  I was out today on the boat and put out the long line in an area that has been very productive in the past and there were ZERO blue crabs.  I did get a bunch of the unwanted three S's as I call them: Spider Crabs, Seaweed and Snails. 

It was one of the nicest days to be out on the water so far this year.  Perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold, mild breeze - just perfect.  I had some killies and took them to the fluke channel and although it was not hot and heavy action all day, I did manage to take home 4 keeper fluke.  I caught a handful of bluefish as well but I threw them back.  I just don't have the interest in eating bluefish when there are fluke available.

After getting home, I put my newest fish in the refrigerator and cleaned the fluke and sundial that I speared on Monday.  That was my lunch/dinner.  I mixed it with some rice and seasoning and broiled it just like I have done many times in the past few weeks.  Interestingly, while playing tennis with Debbie later, I had a pretty significant stomach ache.  I had to quit tennis early and get home for an immediate trip to the toilet.  Sorry if this sounds harsh but I had some diarrhea.  Afterwards (and after a quick shower) I felt pretty much back to normal again.  Strange.  Just thought it would be worth mentioning because it's one of the only health related issues I've faced so far.  Additionally, both kids have been sick with colds - lots of sneezing and nose blowing and congestion - and Debbie and I have not suffered any symptoms of that.  Let's hope that continues.

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