Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 28 - Sharpen That Fillet Knife!

Sunday was a drip dreary day - all day long!  So much that I had to relocate my fillet station into my garage and clean all those fluke.  I was out there for about 2 hours being very careful and meticulous with my fish.  There was a lot.  So much in fact that I am not prepared to prepare it all for the Survivor Diet.  I really like my fluke breaded and fried and although I am set up for this at the moment with my current supplies, I am not set up for the sheer volume of fish that I have.  I need a backup plan. . .

What I decided to do was to cook all of this fish with "non-Survivor Diet" means and preserve the cooked fish to be eaten after the diet is over.  Tomorrow will be fry-day Monday and I will have to go to the store to get some supplies.

 After cleaning all the fish I brought the fillets inside and did my final trimming.  When it was all finished I had a huge tray with 58 pieces of fluke.  Into the refrigerator it went and I began to plan for tomorrow.  I did set aside some of the fin meat and a couple fillets that I will fry with my SDC inventory just so I can enjoy my fresh catch for a couple days.

My food for today consisted of picking on many pieces of smoked striped bass and some garden greens.  I baked some more bread with the kids today as well.  I have enough flour left now for only one more loaf so I will wait until next week to make that dough.

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