Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 14 DP - No Fish, No Radio Show - whoops!

First and foremost - I lost track of time today and forgot completely about the radio show that was scheduled at 12 noon.  Sorry to all of my loyal listeners (if there are any?) for this oversight.  I will make it up by doing a broadcast this Wednesday.  I will try for 12 noon but before I commit I will see if that time slot is available.  Geez - my third show and I already forgot about it.

I had quite a busy day in the morning today.  I originally planned to try some kayak or ocean fishing early in the morning but when I got up there were roadblocks and hundreds of people lining my street in preparation for the half marathon this morning.  No driving for me this morning.  I got ready for my softball game in Little Silver (a couple miles away) and decided to ride my bike.  Along the way I stopped off to do a little fishing along the bank where I had seen some boats fishing the night before.  I gave it a try for about an hour without any luck.  There are fish there.  I saw another guy hook up but lose a fish.  And I heard reports of fish there recently.

I went to the game and had a good time playing ball with my mind off food.  However, after the game I was invited back to the Little Silver Fire Dept for a lunch of burgers, dogs and beer.  Wow - what an offer.  I politely declined although I REALLY wanted to go.  I feel like such a poop when I have to turn down invites to food and drink because of my diet.
After the game I was SUPPOSED to go home and do my radio show.  But I got sidetracked and tried fishing again - unsuccessfully.  When I finally did get home I cooked up a cup of rice and it was quite good with a little butter and seasoning.  I actually cooked it using some fish stock that I had made earlier in the week from trout heads, bones and fins.  It gave it a little more flavor - not fishy at all - and it was probably a little more nutritious.  I'll have to remember that for the future.  Instead of discarding the fish bones - make some fresh stock.  It can even be frozen for future use in applications just like chicken stock.
It was a really nice day so I spent most of it outside in the backyard.  I worked for a while on my boat engine and I think I actually fixed the darn thing.  I was quite impressed with my mad mechanical skills!  I took it for a test drive in the river to make sure it was OK and sure enough it was.  Purring like a kitten.  While out there I had to give some of my fishing spots a try.  Guess what - no fish.  I had one nice bite that lasted about a second.  Just to tease me to let me know they were there.  I must get some kind of fish by Wednesday.  I've had to rely too much on my rations and not enough on the land.

The work week is starting again tomorrow and that means no time to fish, forage, and find food.  On a positive note, I got a lot of exercise riding my bike all over the place and playing ball.  AND. . . tomorrow brings the reward of chocolate!  Two weeks down.  See the official guidelines about the weekly rewards if you want to learn more.  A big old fat brick of Valrhona 70% dark chocolate is coming my way - and I deserve it!

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

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