Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 19 DP - Sunny day

Another beautiful day outside today.  I was able to do some significant grazing in the backyard at lunch time where I accumulated a variety of greenery for a big salad (sans dressing).  Together with a cup of seasoned brown rice, I filled up my belly quite a bit this afternoon.
Sorry I have been lacking photos in the blog for the past week but how many pics of my backyard can I show.  It's not very exciting.  I've been taking periodic video clips while I'm out fishing on the off chance that I might actually be successful.  Since that hasn't panned out I don't think the clips would be very entertaining.
My misery is just about the only entertaining thing about this challenge so far - but I said in my last post that I'm not going to dwell on the negative any longer.  So although it is quite the challenge to get some substantial food - I'm not going to whine about it.  It is what it is - and there are a lot of promising things to come.

I am very tempted to test the crab waters to see if they are starting to emerge from their winter hiding places but I think it's still a bit early for that.  The water is quite warm in the river though.  The ocean is another story - still below 50 degrees there.

Mother's Day weekend is coming up.  We have a couple things planned.  We may do a picnic up at Holmdel Park on Saturday and I'll try for some fish in the lake there.  I also hope to get out in the boat at least once this weekend to try for some bass and blues.  Hate to say it but I kind of miss those clams.

I'm ready to start riding my bike to work on nice days so I will get a little exercise by doing that.  That's about as ambitious as I get when it comes to exercise - but I will also be starting a weekly tennis league and a couple days of softball each week. Not too shabby.  Just gotta keep my knee in shape.

I cooked up a nice veggie/chicken/shrimp stir fry for Deb and the kids for dinner tonight.  It smelled really good!  Admittedly, I had to taste a piece of a shrimp to see if it was cooked all the way!  It was.  Ha!  For dinner I finished the last of my chocolate bar reward. 
Funny story - there was a nice sized chunk left and I got totally fed up with trying to ration it and make it last.  I wanted to thoroughly enjoy a big hunk all at once and be done with this temptation once and for all.  I sat down on the couch after dinner and while we all watched some tv I took my time but gobbled the whole thing up.  I let every bite melt in my mouth before moving on.  I also shared a little with Jamie.  Well, I think I'm paying the price right now.  My body has been in 'survivor mode' for the past three weeks and it wasn't prepared for the caffeine burst that a hunk of dark chocolate would impose.  It's 2:30 AM right now and I'm wide awake typing away at this blog posting.  I tried to go to bed earlier but my mind was racing as I was just lying there.  Hate that feeling.  My body is tired but my brain isn't budging.  I guess I should have rationed that last chunk after all.  Now I'm paying for my gluttony and tomorrow I will suffer.  Good thing it's Saturday - I can at least sleep in until 8:30ish - If I ever do fall asleep.  
Tomorrow is a new day - have to start the hunt for food all over again.

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."

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