Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 15 DP - Fading fast

After a long day at work with nothing but water and a bag of navy beans I got home and took the boat into the river to try my luck at fishing again.  I had 2 bluefish bites - no hookups.  I spent about 2 and a half hours out there.
I keep nibbling on that chocolate bar - but at this rate it's not going to last very long. 
Oh how good chocolate tastes when you deprive yourself for a while

It's starting to get VERY real - this survivor diet.  My will power is still strong.  That's all I have left.  This is a short report because that is all that I have had to eat all day.  Oh - forgot to mention the wonderful smell of rotisserie chicken when I walked into the kitchen tonight.  Mmmmmm.  It probably tasted soooo good!
I haven't scheduled the radio show make-up yet but I'm shooting for Wed. at noon if anyone's interested.  Maybe I'll try the beach in the early morning.
Spirits low. . .
Energy waning. . .

"In any crisis there also lies opportunity."

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