Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 24 - Candy Overeating

I was a little too excited yesterday to have a whole bunch of candy at my disposal.  I gave a lot of samples away to people but I just kept eating it over and over and over.  It was delicious - but I think the excessive sweet has gone to my brain and the result is a headache.  It's not terrible - but this just confirms that too much of any one thing (especially sugar - or in this case honey) is never very good.
I tried drowning my headache with excessive water consumption and of course - eating green vegetables and some rice and fish - but once it starts I think it just has to run its course.  Regardless, a headache puts me into a bad mood and makes me not want to be on the Survivor Diet.
My supply of fish is starting to run low.  I need to make it to Saturday when fluke season opens.  I know how to catch lots of them.  And they are very easy to prepare in a variety of ways.  For now I'm still surviving off what I caught last week.  I didn't freeze any but in hindsight I should have vacuum packed a few pieces when I had excess.  When I smoke it - I just eat it all.  I think I have a problem with moderation!  Debbie tells me that all the time and it becomes very clear as soon as I make something that I really like.  Like candy.
Well, I am grateful to now have my week 2 reward (10 days late) after successfully making fire Saturday.  I will put these to good use and try to moderate my consumption.
Weekly Reward - popcorn, soy sauce, nori, wasabi
I drove past a road killed deer today.  It looked freshly killed so I stopped my truck to check it out.  It was very obvious, upon further inspection, that it had been dead for a while.  No scavenging today - but if I ever do witness a fresh kill, I would definitely attempt to get some meat from it.  I haven't done that yet on the Survivor Diet Challenge but it could happen at any time.  Maybe I should drive around at night when I'm bored.
Road Kill - Too far gone to scavenge
I will be working on Wednesday this week so I will not have my normal mid week break to try to gather food.  On the plus side, I will have a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day - just have to survive until then.

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