Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 26 - Working Wednesday Waiting for Weekend

Normally I am off on Wednesdays but due to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I had planned to work the Wednesday in exchange for taking Friday off and having a nice long 4 day weekend.  Sacrifice now and hopefully enjoy later.

I have been diligently checking and baiting the killie trap and I am beginning to accumulate a good  number of killies.  They're not very large however.  I prefer the large ones but I can't really control that part.  All I can do is keep the biggest ones I catch in my holding bucket and continue to catch new ones in the trap.  I even had the trap out without any bait in it and still managed to get a bunch.  I will be ready for the fluke on Saturday that's for sure.

I have been still eating much of the same foods with an occasional new item from time to time.  The norm has been rice, fish, asparagus and I have had the occasional treat of candy and popcorn.  I have also started to incorporate some sushi rolls into my menu but I am not really using much soy sauce because it is so salty.  It's amazing how you begin to notice these things when you have been eating bland food for a few weeks. 

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