Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 27 - Missing Thursday

I have to be honest.  I have not been updating my daily events lately.  So busy.  For today, I'm drawing a blank.  It's a few days past Day 27 as I write this - trying to recall my day but I've got nothing.  Thursdays are typically 8-5 work days for me and the only thing I can remember is that this Thursday is like a Friday because I took tomorrow off to jump start the Memorial Day weekend.  My plan for tomorrow will be to try a little early morning fluke scouting - again, looking forward to opening day of fluke season on Saturday.

I know that I have been diligently checking and baiting my killie trap - but I also know that I have written that all before.  Oh well.  Sorry that I couldn't provide more information about Day 27 but sometimes that happens.  It's not easy doing the Survivor Diet by itself - let alone trying to take photos and video and keep up with a blog and a Facebook page.  Oh - and run a business and have a family and a life all at the same time.  So I think I deserve a little slack for this day.

One thing I do remember is my Thursday lunch out with Jamie.  We went to Fuji (sushi restaurant) and instead of just sitting there twiddling my thumbs watching her eat a delicious meal, I ordered a couple pieces of fluke sashimi and a bowl of white rice.  I'm doing a little Survivor Diet trading.  I am very confident that I will be catching many fluke in the upcoming weekend.  As long as I give away at least one fish then it will make up for the fluke that I eat today.  It's a bit of a stretch of my rules but I think it's acceptable.  After all, I make the rules.  And although I try to stick to them as closely as possible - there are times when they can be bent a little.

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