Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 30 - Losing the Battle of Will

After getting up really early and working hard for several consecutive days, I decided to sleep in a little today.  It was really nice.  I had a softball game scheduled for 10am so the early morning belonged to me. 

While playing my game, I snacked on a large piece of my Honey Bit candy.  This was a chunk that was stuck to the dish and after we finished making the and wrapping the little bits, this big hunk was left over.  It wasn't huge but definitely too big for one mouthful.  I made it last throughout the game but I made the mistake again of overeating the candy.  Ugh!  That's right - a sugar rush headache.  It wasn't terrible but it was dull and nagging for a good part of the rest of the day.  This sucked because we headed down to Lavallette and I was not feeling in the party mood.

I made the most of it and having other people around was a slight distraction from my headache.  When we arrived, the cousins were fishing off the dock.  I sat with them for a while and we managed to pull up a very small crab.  Everyone wanted to toss it back but this was the first crab of the Survivor Diet and was not to be wasted.  It didn't take long to quickly steam it and although it was small, it still tasted the same as a large one.  I should have taken another misleading photo like the jumbo shrimp cocktail from a few days ago.

The crab was a nice treat but there were oh so many other delectables all around me - not to mention the beer and alcohol.  I was offered sausage and pepper sandwiches, jelly donuts, brownies, sliders, chicken, broccoli, drinks, etc. - the list goes on and on.  I brought some fluke with me and broiled up a few nice pieces for dinner.  I resisted the temptations as long as I possibly could but in the end I am only human and I did some illegal picking.

To keep things honest, I made a list of my cheats and I'm coming clean with this confession:  Bite of a slider burger, about 5 strawberries, a chocolate peanut butter brownie, some Caesar salad and a bite of breaded chicken.

In my defense (for what it's worth), the sliders were about to go into the garbage and the Caesar salad was dressed and left over and was not going to make it another day.  Essentially these things were going to be wasted.  If anything, I could use more greens so I felt it was my duty to have that salad - and I didn't even finish my plate becasue the dressing was just a bit 'heavy' for me. 

The other stuff, well, I don't really have an excuse for it.  I'll tell you this though. . . if I wasn't doing the SDC, I would have eaten about 5 brownies, 20 strawberries, a sausage pepper and onion sandwich, about 4 pieces of breaded and fried chicken, 2 sliders, two plates of salad, broccoli, tomatoes basil and mozzarella with olive oil, wild rice, multiple beers, a couple mixed drinks, other finger snacks, a jelly donut, a cream donut, milk, juices, sodas, chips, dip, pretzels, a large ice cream cone and a variety of other desserts and candies.

Wow!  That's a long list.  I never realized how much I would normally consume in an afternoon down the shore.  Moderation just goes right out the window.  I feel pretty good about my slight cheats considering what might have happened.  There ya go folks.  Modern American gluttony at its finest.  And that was just a basic weekend afternoon in the summer.

I'll have to try to remeber this post when I am no longer on the Survivor Diet.  Making a list of everyting you eat in a day can be a real eye opener.

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