Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 7 - One Weak Survivor

It rained again last night after I set my trap out.  As a result, my bait (a piece of pretzle stick) got soggy and collaped - triggering the door to close.  It wouldn't have mattered much in the night becuase it was all wet and rainy out - but this morning the sun came out and the birds were chirping.  I got up out of bed before it was time for work and made sure that I had a properly set trap.  Perhaps I could capture a squirrel or bird while I am at work.
My goal is to capture something today, release it and get the 'trade in value' at the local market.  By doing this I will also complete a proficiency in a survival skill for week 1 wich will unlock my first weekly reward.  Now that would be something to celebrate.
Outsmarting the critters in the wild is no small task.  Although we live closely to natures critters, they certainly know how to keep their distance from us.  I found out how hard this was last year while trying to trap.  Either my traps were inadequate or the triggers were faulty or the squirrels chewed their way out before I could get to them. 

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