Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 10 - Surviving the day at work

I had to rush a bit this morning because I had a long day ahead.  I work until 6 and then I have a digital photography class after work.  I had to get my camera together, make lunch, steam some clams, vacuum up some more fish fillets and get ready for work.  I was in a rush and left the kitchen a whirlwind - sorry Deb, I'll clean up later.  I got to work and at some point in the mid morning a box arrives and is sitting on our lunch table.  It had a Dr Cuozzo label on it so it must be from his office.  I opened it up and inside
were the biggest, most delicious looking, plump, red, juicy strawberries dipped in deep dark chocolate!  All the salivary glands under my tongue kicked into overdrive.  I had a hard time containing my public display of salivation.  They said Dr Cuozzo's mom made them but I don't know - this looked like a professional job!

Anyone who knows me also knows that the chocolate covered strawberry is one of my top, if not THE top food weakness for me.  Even when I'm not on a food restrictive diet I have a hard time stopping myself from eating every last one of them when they are around.  I just had to sit there and watch all of the women in the office enjoying the chocolaty goodness.  One of them bit into a berry and a big hunk of chocolate fell off and onto the floor!  I know she wanted to call a "ten second rule" but she thought better and tossed it in the garbage.  Tossed it in the garbage.   Tossed it in the garbage.  Tossed it in the garbage.  Tossed it in the garbage.  Tossed it in the garbage.  Whoops.  Sorry, I guess my mind was somewhere else. 
Then, later in the day a patient came in and brought a container of fresh hummus and crackers for the staff as a gift.  So very generous.  I shouldn't be rude.  Right?  I mean, it would be quite insulting of me not to at least taste these gifts so that I can give a proper 'thank you' to the givers. 
Well, I have to tell you - the road of temptation is a dangerous one to follow.  First it's a little cracker with hummus - then a chocolate covered strawberry - then another and another.  Where does it end???  Admittedly, I have had a couple minor "cheats and steals" along the way.  Like a teaspoon of olive oil here, and a small piece of cut up pineapple there.  Nobody's perfect.  I'm trying to keep a very accurate account of my inappropriate behavior and I have a post containing that information that I haven't published yet.  (I don't think anyone wants to see that - do you?)  However - I made a conscious effort this morning to say, "No more cheats!" and this batch of strawberries has really put my will power to the test. 
I don't know.  It's all so confusing sometimes.  I mean what could be the harm of just grabbing a tiny bite of something I really enjoy from time to time.  NO.  Stop it - you're trying to get me to cave.  Well it's not going to happen.  Uh-Oh.  Talking to myself now.  I think I better get back to work.  I'm starting to lose it.

"The quality of an individual is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."

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