Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 17 - Sashimi lunch

Bloggedy blog blog blog. . . It's tough to write stuff every day!  So far, not much to report.  My weight dipped a little bit again today (15 pounds lighter than starting day).  I feel quite good.  I was really looking forward to my sashimi lunch but it was a bit anticlimactic.

The owner was very thankful for the fish that I gave to him last week.  However, he didn't give it to the sushi chef to use it in the restaurant.  He brought it home and ate it in a variety of ways with his family.  My regular sushi chef was not there today - replaced by someone else.  Apparently he picked up a different job in New York and won't be back.  That sucks because we had built up a nice rapport and he used to hook me up with a nice variety of sashimi that he didn't give to everyone else.  He called it the VIP sashimi lunch.  So today when I got the sashimi lunch it came with all the basic fish and when I saw the new guy starting to slice some striped bass to give to me I had to protest!  I asked him nicely to substitute another fish for that.  After all, if I'm going to have this nice treat for myself for one lunch this week, I'm not going to get striped bass!
Overall it was good - but it was very similar to all of my meals lately.  Fish and brown rice.  I did eat all of my dicon radish and kale so I got a little veggie in me as well.  I could have gone overboard with one of these unique rolls with it's special sauce - but what I had was the closest I could get to stay true to the spirit of the challenge.  (I told you I've been good lately)
Then the check came with no mention of "on the house" or "let me buy you a couple lunches" in exchange for the nice fish you gave to me.  Not that I was really expecting it but I was hoping for something.  Something.  I'm not totally disappointed - a little charity goes a long way.  Although I didn't necessarily get anything tangible from them, perhaps in the future I will see the results of my act of kindness in another way that I can't even imagine today.  We'll see.  Maybe nothing.  And that would be ok too.
So I'm finishing up my day at work and getting ready to go to my photography class - and my belly is quite full.  I don't have much hunger at all - but I do want some junk/comfort food.  There's a half of a chocolate angel food cake laughing at me about 20 feet away.  I can hear it from here.  It's faint, but if you're quiet and if you listen carefully, you might be able to hear it too.  It's a little chuckle but it's definitely directed towards me.

"There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

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