Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 3 - Sashimi

Waking up today without a headache was the best start I could have asked for.  Anyone who has suffered from headaches knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Breakfast today - well I was out of my cooked rice and beans and I didn't feel like having clams for breakfast so I just picked on some of the leftover greens from yesterday.  It wasn't much but I usually don't eat much for breakfast anyway.  Today is Wednesday and once a week I have allowed myself a sashimi lunch as part of this plan.  Let me explain why. . .

(This may sound like a cop out but hey - I made the rules so I don't really care)
Becasue I have to work during the week (and long hours on Tuesday and Wednesday) I don't have the time to get outside midweek to get stuff.  I sometimes don't even have time to prepare meals in advance but it is even harder when I have to find the meals.  So I gave myself this one "out" each week for lunch in the middle of the work week.  If I didn't, I would be totally drained of energy at work and I just can't let that happen.  So there you have it.  I chose sashimi because it's the closest thing to eating what I normally would eat in this program anyway.  Plus it's the healthiest meal ever, I love it and it gives me something to mentally look forward to.

Lunch - sashimi (2 pieces each of tuna, white tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and mackerel),  a small salad, small bowl of brown rice, green tea, and I used a little soy and wasabi.

Dinner - Well, it's back to clams.  I had half a pot of steamers left so I cooked them.  I took 3 of them out before cooking because I wanted to see how they tasted raw.  A steamer clam is actually a miniature version of the giant clam - or geoduck.  I love to order this in sushi bars when available so I decided to make a mini-sashimi dish out of the raw necks of these clams.  Turned out pretty good.  I was a little worried about pollution in the Shrewsbury River but I have to trust the areas that are marked by the state as safe water for clamming.  I did some telephone research with the department of health last week and the water/shellfish board and they explained how and where they check the NJ waters.  It made me feel more comfortable taking clams from these waters..

Then I used the cooked clams along with some broth,sea salt and a couple pieces of wild garlic greens to make a small bowl of clam soup.  It was good.  I need to cook some more rice and beans for tomorrow.

"The desire for safety stands in the way of every great and noble enterprise."

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