Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 7 - One Week Down!

I woke up this morning and went right out to Takanassee Lake because I thought there may be a chance to catch a trout for lunch.  Ha!  Boy was I mistaken.  I counted a hundred casts with my little gold spinner before I left (freezing my ass off).  Should I just give up my quest for trout?

On my way home I drove past the beach to check the water conditions.  It was really rough in shore but the west wind today should calm things down later in the day and maybe tomorrow.  I saw a huge fleet of boats about 5 miles off the beach - presumably fishing for stripers because the reports of great striper fishing have been continuous.  I'm not even going to check the reports today because I'm sick of hearing about how thousands of other people are catching fish and I can't get out there.
I'm going tomorrow - out to sea.  Going with dad and we're optimistic.  I do get quite sea sick on long ocean voyages and this one may be a long one.  I feel comfortable that the boat will run well after my initial trip the other day.  You never know though.

Ok, so I didn't have much to eat today.  I finished my cooked beans and I have to soak the next batch for 4 hours before I can cook them for another hour and a half.  (Beans are a tedious project)  I'm trying to be careful because the bean container seems to be dwindling quickly.  I picked a few greens but not much.  Wow - I really didn't have much at all today.  I thought I would feel hungrier but I'm not.  I'm only hungry when I see food on tv or all the wasted food that my kids don't finish.  That's another story.

Guess what Ty and I did this evening?  You guessed it - we went clamming again.  We hit the tide just right and were quite successful again with both hard cherrystones and steamers.  I saw a few crabs when I was there.  They were small but this may be an area to check out in the summertime.  It was a beautiful night (a little chilly) and it looked amazing when the sun was setting.  I tried to take some pictures but they didn't turn out as nice as it really was. 

So for now I am still stuck with clams.  But at least there are clams because without them I would be in trouble.  Clam season ends April 30 so I need to get my act together by then.

Tomorrow I have reason to celebrate - one week is done.  My reward for surviving one week is a pound of butter and some other spices.  The taste will be back in my food.  Thank god!  I really think this will help a lot but I have to be careful - that butter has to last a long time.

And tomorrow is going to bring fish - a big one.  One that will last a long time. 

"Do not live in fear of what the future may hold.  Live in the anticipation of the new opportunities that lie ahead."

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