Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 2 AD - Ab Ripper X

If you haven't seen it in a while, you have to check my healthometer.  I had a spike today that made me do a double take when I was on the scale.  from 172 to 181 in one day??? Is that possible.  Most certainly there is something mechanically wrong with my scale.  I'll have to have it calibrated tomorrow.  Must have been all of that salad that I ate yesterday.

Well, other than the broken scale, I feel quite normal this morning.  I slept like a rock.  Passed out at about 9 pm with all of my clothes on and didn't move a muscle until 8 am.  I was OUT.  I guess a couple glasses of sangria had something to do with that after not having any alcohol for 40 days.  But no headache, no hangover, no bloated yucky feeling in my belly - just 9 extra pounds.  How could that be?  I mean, I admit that I went a little strawberry happy and I did have a few of those pizza bagels, and that hot dog, oh and that polish kielbasa, the potato chips, a huge cupcake, a wedge of ice cream cake, perogies,  salad, chocolate chip cookie, the crab omelet, a couple of s'mores, and sangria - but if I weighed all that stuff it still wouldn't equal 9 pounds of food.  Whatever.  I'll see what happens tomorrow.

So this afternoon I made my first attempt at exercise with the P90X.  I also had a couple chocolate covered strawberries and finished the last of the crabs.  Anyway - I figured I would start with the Yoga X for 30 minutes and then see how much of the Ab Ripper X I could complete.

 Excited to begin?  Nope.

I have never done Yoga before so all of the moves were foreign to me.  The tough part was doing the exercises and trying to watch them at the same time in order to get the form correct.  I'm sure that after doing this pretty regularly, the terminology will become common to me.  It's just going to take some getting used to in the beginning.  All in all the Yoga X was manageable.  It's a 90 minute routine on DVD but I started slow with 30 minutes.

Then came the Ab Ripper X.  Are you kidding me?  This is only a 15 minute work out.  I think I managed to actually do 3 or 4 minutes total - and that's just an estimate.  If I can come back to this blog at some point in the future and report that I was able to do the whole 15 minutes of Ab Ripper X then my life shall be complete.  This challenge is going to put the Survivor Diet Challenge to shame.  I was so happy to hear him say at the very end of the session, "Don't do this routine every day."  I think that's the only instruction that I'm going to be able to do really well on the entire Ab Ripper X routine.

 A beaten man

So now I have a plan.  At least I have a plan right?  I will set aside one hour per day to do a 45 minute workout (the extra time is to include breaks and DVD changing, kid interruptions, etc).  I will do the Yoga X every day and the Ab Ripper X every other day.  The days I only do Yoga X, I will do that for 45 minutes and the days I do both I will do like I did today 30/15.  That's my plan.  I know it may sound a bit wimpy for some people but for me it's a mountain to climb. 

May 22 through June 30 - another 40 day plan ending July 1st.  Don't ask me why - I just need to have a start and finish line for some reason.  That will keep me motivated.  As for eating, well, that's another plan I'm going to have to come up with.  I talked about seasonal eating with one weekly reward.  Maybe that will be a good starting point.  Looks like my 40 day Survivor Diet Challenge just got upgraded.  I don't know if I'll continue to blog post every day like I have been (this is really time consuming) but I have to admit, it keeps me on track - so we'll see.

I am going to have to create another set of rules for the next wave and also update my healthometer and photomorph.  What?  You haven't seen the photomorph yet?  That's because I haven't had time to make it yet.  Coming soon.

"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

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