Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 28 - Feeling ill?

Nope.  I slept well, woke easy and didn't gain a pound (see healthometer).  The weather was total crap today - cold and windy.  I spent a while cleaning the bass I shot on Friday.  They were sitting nicely in an icy cooler and cleaned up quite well - sashimi style. 

 I shared with Ty and Debbie and we enjoyed the fresh fish for lunch (and dinner).  I brined a bunch of fish strips and we are going to try to make some jerky tomorrow in the food dehydrator.  Also - I looked up a recipe for fish broth and took the fish bones and heads and fins and boiled them up in a pot.  I might make some fish soup or fish chowder or just freeze the broth for later use in some other application.  Ya see - just when I though I could do no more with striped bass I found a couple new recipes.  It's quite the versatile fish.

 Fish broth - heads, tails, bones - Oh my!

The only negative effect from my food fest yesterday is that I got a taste of the good life and I don't want to give it up again.  I REALLY want some tasty food today.  If you remember from one of my previous posts, when I don't (or can't) eat the delicious food around me, I don't crave it or miss it all that much.  But when you go off the wagon and start to partake in the goodies, it's like the start of a storm.  Tough to shut off once it starts.  That's the REAL challenge for me - and for anyone on a diet.

"To know what to do is wisdom.  To know how to do it is skill.  But actually doing it tops the other two virtues by far."

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