Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 24 - What to do when the Challenge is over?

Sorry to be a boring blogger but when you're at work from the early morning until 6 pm, then go to photography class from 7 to 9, there's not much to report.  As much as everyone likes to hear about other people getting root canals, I'm not going to go there (yet).

I was smart this morning - cooked up a nice bass fillet with some salt, pepper, rice.  Added some smoked bass and packaged it up to take to work.  I snacked on it a little on the car ride,
then again mid-morning, then again in the late afternoon and again between work and class.  I just stretched it out to make it last.  I did have my customary sushi lunch today.  I don't know why but it still feels like I'm cheating when I do that.  Maybe it's because I am - but like I said in the rules, if I don't have the time to 'survive' during the long work days, I need to incorporate this lunch into the system.  Oh well - I'm not going to defend myself about that.

I still don't have any plans for that lemon - other than to sprinkle it on some fish??  That seems like a waste.  A glass of lemonade would be nice but I have no sweetener.  I have about a teaspoon of syrup left - that might work - all for one glass of lemonade?  Not worth it.  Actually, the orange and the lemon were somewhat of a waste of weekly reward I must say.  So far my rewards have been kind of sucky - with the exception of the butter.  That was the best reward yet.  I am halfway through my second stick so I've been rationing that well since that first week of indulgence. 

Hmmm.  Let me think - next time around (if there is one) my first week reward will still be butter (and some quantity of peppercorns - that was a nice addition as well but I'm getting a little tired of pepper lately).  Second week would be that brick of chocolate that I so often talk about.  I could cut that into a thousand little bites and just suck on one every now and then to get the sweetness.  Third week would be some type of vegetable bufffet - maybe just a mess of greens to supplement what I am lacking most of all.  We'll see how impressed I am with week 4 reward (big juicy hamburger) when the time comes.  And week 5 is already an 'anything goes' - so how can you beat that?  I think my chocolate brick may be arriving the Monday of week 5!

If you read last post you know I have been thinking lately about what I am going to revert to eating after my challenge is over.  That's always a tricky time.  If you watch the show you know that by the time they all get back to their lives on the mainland and do the final episode, everyone is porked back up to their original weight (and then some).  The trick is to not let that happen.  Especially with junk food and garbage and snacks between meals and desserts - Oh, that all sounds so good!

Well, it's time for another one of those questions to thy self:
"How can I continue to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle after the SDC and have fun in the process?"  My buddy Tony Robbins taught me to always add, 'and have fun in the process' at the end of these types of questions.  That is the true question indeed.  Everyone who has ever lost weight from a diet plan know that what you do AFTER the diet is over really determines how successful you are.

Some ideas that I have been messing around with are:
  • start some type of exercise program (yuck!)
  • well, that's it so far.

Looks like I have some more pondering to do.  I'll figure it out though.  If anyone has any suggestions - I'm all ears.

"If you want uncommon success, you must be uncommon."

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